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A composite filling is a tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. Composites are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the colour of the teeth.

With composite resin, less tooth structure needs to be removed in the preparation, as compared with amalgam fillings. This then allows more surface area to bond the filling to as well as providing a stronger overall tooth. Composite resin comes in many shades and colours that can be matched to the colour of your original teeth, allowing composite fillings to be used on your front or highly visible teeth.

The length of time needed depends on the size of the restoration. There are several steps in the procedure. First, the teeth are anesthetized to prevent any pain or sensitivity, then the decayed portion of the tooth is cleaned. Next the tooth is prepared for bonding of the filling to the tooth. The adhesive is applied and hardened under a special LED light. The filling is then applied in thin layers to make sure that they are all hardened sufficiently. The final step to this procedure is to adjust and polish the filling so that it fits your bite and to make sure that you are comfortable.

It is a safe, affordable and attractive solution for many dental problems. Bonding can be used to cover cracks, gap in the teeth and in decays.

How it's done

The procedure for inserting white fillings is quick and painless. Tooth-coloured resin is built up in your tooth, one later at a time. Each later is hardened with a special blue light before the next layer is applied.

The larger the size being filled, the longer it will take, but most procedures will be completed within an hour. Once filled completely, the filling will be shaped to fit in with your bite and polished. Your white filling should last for several years. It will discolour as any normal tooth would from drinking caffeine, red wine, tea or other foods and drunks which stain teeth.

Regular check-ups can prolong the life of your white filling and keep it invisible and clean for a whiter and better smile.